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Congregational Church of jefferson Park
Eden United Church of Christ
Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce
Jefferson Park Forward
Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association
Redeemer of Calvary/El Redentor del Calvario UMC

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Jefferson Memorial Fieldhouse
Jefferson Memorial Fieldhouse

We're Celebrating Heritage and Building Bridges for the Future.

Eden United Church of Christ convened a three-year project entitled "Bridging Jeff Park: Neighbors Past, Present, and Future" in 2019. Initial charter organizations for this coalition are listed here.

Our most recent event was the "The Mighty Hearts of Soul" benefit concert for Bridging Jeff Park in 2020.

The project goals for 2020-2021 were delayed, but we are happy to announce a re-launch in Summer 2022. Watch for details here and on our Facebook page.

"We're excited to bring together these partners who share pride in and commitment to the heritage of our "city within a city," says Pastor Jacki Belile. "We believe that sharing stories of its journey and ours, and encountering its special places together, will benefit the sense of common space we feel as residents building Jefferson Park's future together."

Inspired by our exciting work at Bridging Jeff Park? Want to get involved? Contact The Rev. Jacki Belile for more information.

Want to support Bridging Jefferson Park, but couldn't attend the concert? Donations can be received via PayPal below.

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